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Name: Desarrollo Integral Ambiental S.A. de C.V.
Country: Mexico
Mission: “To provide high quality sustainable technologies to the agricultural, agro-industrial, and commercial sectors to improve their competitive ability through training, specialized technical assistance, applied research and biological technology.”
Vision: “To be a leading company in Mexico in the development of technologies for the improvement of the competitive ability of producers and companies in the agricultural, agro-industrial and commercial sectors.”
Commitment to its clients and the environment:
To promote the development of the Mexican communities within a sustainability framework, through the appropriate use of natural resources. We guarantee a quality product, with the ability to distribute and respond to the different entities in the country.
Area of Coverage: National
Services provided: EM•1® Sales, Consultancies and Assessments.
Clients: Palma Tica de México S.A. de C.V., Servicios Ambientales y Reciclados del Sureste S.A. de C.V., Rastro Estatal de Tabasco, Creagro de Tabasco S.A. de C.V., Soluciones Ambientales Integrales de Chiapas S.A. de C.V, among others.
Partner Companies or Organizations: Fundación Produce Tabasco A.C.
•    Launching of EM™ in Mexico: 9th of May 2008 in Villahermosa, Tabasco.
•    EM™ Fiesta, Latin America: 17 - 19 June 2008 at EARTH University, Costa Rica.
•    Importance of EM™ in Agricultural Activities: 1st July 2008 in Villahermosa, Tabasco.
•    Workshop on Taiwan Bio-digestors: 24 - 26 July 2008 in Villahermosa, Tabasco.
Special acknowledgment to Lic. Constantino Pérez Mari, livestock producer and active supporter of new technologies in the state. For his availability, enthusiasm, and spirit of collaboration with our company and commitment to the struggle of environmental conservation.


Name: Belize Agro-Enterprise Ltd.
Country: Belize
Commitment to its clients and the environment: Social and environmental consciousness.
Area of coverage: National
Services provided: EM•1®, EM5 Sales and Consultancy Services.
Clients: Thiessen Liquid Fertilizer, Ministry of Agriculture (Central Farm, Research Station)-Belize; Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI) – Belize; Belize Sugar Industries (BSI); Citrus Products of Belize Ltd (CPBL); Citrus Research and Education Institute (CREI); Tropical Studies and Development Foundation (TSDF)


Country: Guatemala
Area of coverage: National


Country: Peru and Bolivia
Mission: Provide sustainable solutions to our clients for a competitive agriculture, respecting the environment and thinking about the future generations.
Vision: Be a leading company in the agricultural and environmental sector, promoting the production of safe food in harmony with the environment and humans.
Area of coverage: Peruvian and Bolivian National Territory
Services provided: EM•1®, EM- Compost Sales, Technical Assessments and Consultancies.


Name: Ambiem Indústria e Comercio Ltda.
Country: Brasil
Mission: In collaboration with EMRO Latin America and affiliates, “to disseminate EM technology™ EM and contribute to a sustainable society based on co-existence and co-prosperity, safety, low cost and high quality”.
Vision: Actual production systems lack new technologies that are suitable to the realities of the 21st century and for our future generations. The great challenge lies in the creation of new production systems and at the same time confronting the cultures of our society that are specializing more and more in the use of “technologies” that end up degrading our environment.
We believe that it is possible to change, possible to find and to establish production systems that are more environmentally friendly and at the same time to comply with the requirements and demands of our current society, to the point where we will leave our future generations a legacy of creativity, inspiration and of commitment to a healthy planet.
Commitment to its clients and the environment: Our company, from its beginnings, has took on the commitment to help look for sustainable alternatives for our clients with the use of the EM Technology™, having complied with the highest quality standards in our activities and at the same time, harmonizing all these activities with the environment.
Area of Coverage: National
Services provided: EM•1® Sales
Clients: FRUTACOR, Agência Mandalla, ECOFERTIL Indústria e Comercio de Fertilizantes, Restaurante Tchê Picanhas, Restaurante Torre de Pizza, Granja Santa Elena, Fazenda Millenium, Fazenda São João, etc.
Partner Companies or Organizations: Ambiental Lixo Zero Ltda., Universidade Federal da Bahia – Escola Politécnica, National Geographic Society, etc.
•    EM™ Fiesta, Latin America: 17 - 19 June 2008 at EARTH University, Costa Rica.
•    2nd International Conference Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB) from 23 - 26 August 2008 in São Paulo.


Name: Fundación de Asesorías para el Sector Rural
Country: Colombia
Mission: The mission of FUNDASES is to generate and adopt new and efficient technologies and accessible services through investigation, transfer and diffusion that benefits the rural sector, health and the environment; hence achieving its social function of contributing to the betterment of the rural community.
Vision: By 2010 FUNDASES wants to be recognized as a Fundation that provides innovative products and services that transfers its technologies through non-profit means to the varing sectors.
Commitment to its clients and the environment: FUNDASES policy is to generate quality and efficient new technologies and services with high quality standards that benefit the rural sector, health and the environment thereby meeting its social function that contributes to the betterment of the quality of life in the communites and hence assisting its goal in developing the objectives of its target audience.
Area of Coverage: National
Services provided: The technologies being promoted by FUNDASES is geared towards the development of sustainable humand and productive activities. We offer the following:
EM•1®– Effective Microorganism, with applications in Agriculture, Livestock, Environment and Construction
BOKASHI - EM -  Solid presentation of EM for the management of organic waste in the homes
AGROPLUX – Biological Soil Conditioning Microbes
AZOBAC –Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria
FOSFORIZ –Inorganic Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacterias
AGROCID – Repellent and Botanic Insecticide
AGROGREEN- Crop Growth Promoter
We also offer the following services:
Microbiology laboratory: Analytical control of quality Bio-inputs and Microbiological analysis of soils, waster and substate.
Chemical Water Laboratory: Analysis of the physiochemistry of wáter for human consumption, irrigation and residuals.
Consultation and Capacitiation: In related subjects with the use of technologies developed by FUNDASES in the area of crop and animal production and environmental health.
CoraFlor Farm: Dedicated to the capacitation and organic production of food, ornamental plants and timber, orgainc residue use by means of the composting process.

logo agearthAGEARTH

Name: AGEARTH-Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Mission: To maintain a successful capital sourcing system and a quality training plan while orienting our strengths in creating adequate relationship with the government, the society and the environment. Excellent services by graduates of EARTH will be the consequences of an adequate internal organization and a high level working team.
Vision: To be recognized at a national and international level as a leading graduate association in entrepreneurial development, environmental development and social development in the Ecuadorian agricultural sector.
Generalities: A non-profit organization that represents Agricultural engineers and residents of EARTH University in Ecuador. AGEARTH-Ecuador was created on the 21st October, 1999 with the objective of contributing and promoting agricultural and social development within the country through all its members by means of project development in the agricultural and natural resource management areas.
Coverage Area: National
Services: Commercialization of EM™ Technology and organization of national and international events through its Capacity Development Unit.
Organized events: I, II y III International Congress in Sustainable Agriculture; Acorbat 2008; Ecologistic 2008; etc


Name: EM Japan Technology Argentina S.A. 
Country: Argentina
Mission: Diffusion of the EM Technology™ in Argentina
Coverage Area: National
Services: EM•1® Sales, Consultancies and Assessments

EM Technology™ is economically feasible, safe, easy to use, of high quality and produce sustainable results en the control of bad odors, good hygene, waste management, the reduction of cost and the increase in productivity of the different productive activities.

"A sustainable society based on co-existence and co-prosperity, quality information, security, convenience, low cost and high quality." (Dr. Teruo Higa)

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