How does EM•1® work?


The microorganisms found in EM™ belong to 3 well-known groups: lactic acid bacteria (used in the making of yogurt, cheeses, etc.), yeasts (used to make breads, beers, wines, etc.) and phototrophic or photosynthetic bacteria (present in green seaweed and in any soil particle).

As in well known fermentation processes, EM™ accelerates the rupture of compounds as proteins, sugars, fats and fibers, promoting the rapid decomposition of organic matter. Related to this, EM™ works in two main ways: a) by competitive exclusion from other harmful microorganisms and b) through the production of beneficial by-products such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, hormones and antioxidants that promote the health of the environment. The facultative quality of EM™ allows it to extend its benefits to aerobic and anaerobic environments. As a result of the fermentation, the use of EM™ contributes to the elimination of foul odors.

The main product of EM Technology™ is EM•1® which is actually sold in various Latin American  countries such as Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, among others. Kindly contact a distributor for more information.


"EM•1® is 100% natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-radioactive, non-volatile, non inflammable and doesn’t need a quarantine period."

Activate EM•1® before use – 1 litre gives 20 litres.

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