This year the annual meeting of EM•1 ® Authorized Manufacturers was held at EARTH University, Costa Rica on June 11 and 12. Important aspects to strengthen and protect the trademarks and logos of Dr. Teruo Higa at the global level were discussed. Also, Chile was formally introduced as a new member of the group of EM•1® manufacturing country. The following members were present at the meeting: César Vinicio Arreaga (EMTECSA - Guatemala), Takatsuru Nishikawa (EMPROTEC - Costa Rica and other countries), Karla Vargas (BIOEM - Peru), Patricia Luengas (Biopunto - Chile), Paola Segura (AMBIEM - Brazil) and the representatives of EMRO Japan, Mr Katsuyuki Asato (President of EMRO) and Ms. Silvia Keiko Yohena, as well as our consultant and Advisor Prof. Panfilo Tabora.

"EM•1® is 100% natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-radioactive, non-volatile, non inflammable and doesn’t need a quarantine period."

"A sustainable society based on co-existence and co-prosperity, quality information, security, convenience, low cost and high quality." (Dr. Teruo Higa)

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