EM•1® Activation


The microorganisms that are present in EM•1® are in a latent state that must be activated before use.  

TO ACTIVATE: One (1) part of EM•1® at 5% to one (1) part of sugar cane molasses or brown sugar at 5% to eighteen (18) parts of clean water (without chlorine) * at 90%

*To treat chlorinated water it is necessary to expose in sunlight in an open container for a minimum of 24 hours.
For the activation of EM•1® use only clean plastic containers with a hermetic seal that will not permit air to enter. Independent of the total volume of the container do the following steps:
A. Full the container with nine (9) parts of water or half full.
B. Place one (1) part of EM•1® and mix with one (1) part of sugar cane molasses or brown sugar.
C. Stir well to dissolve the molasses or sugar until it forms a homogenous solution.
D. Place another nine (9) parts of water and close container well to keep air out.
E. Maintain activated EM•1® in an area of moderate temperature between 25 – 40oC during a period of 4-7 days for fermentation.  During the fermentation stage starting from the second day gas will be produce.   It will be necessary to eliminate the excess gas by opening the containers.  Realize the gas extraction every time it’s necessary.
G. Activated EM•1® is ready for use after 4 - 7 days when the pH of the solution is below 4 or when the solution presents a sweet to sour smell and the existence of a color change from coffee brown to coffee orange.
H. Activated EM•1® should be used within the next 35 days after which; it begins to lose its efficiency.
I. Store activated EM•1® always in a cool and ventilated area and away from the reach of children and domestic animals.
J. ATTENTION: For the activation of EM•1® do not use containers where the product can be confused as drinkingable material.

If the odor or EM•1® is similar to a rotten smell, is not with sweet and sour odor, or the pH is above 4 then there has been contamination and the solution must be discarded.


EM Technology™ is economically feasible, safe, easy to use, of high quality and produce sustainable results en the control of bad odors, good hygene, waste management, the reduction of cost and the increase in productivity of the different productive activities.

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