EM™ Research Organization Inc. (EMRO) was created in 1994 and its operational base is located in Uruma City in Okinawa.  Its objective is to back up at a World level the EM technology™ and the philosophy of Dr. Higa.  This organization control the manufacturing of EM™ products worldwide and also is in charge of continuing investigations with EM™ to improve the control Standard and quality of EM•1®.
The EM technology™ can be applied in many areas such as agriculture, waste management, construction, education, health and many more. With the use of EM technology™ it is possible to reuse resources in order to save money, and as such many environmental problems can be solved.  

EMRO™ has regional institutions in China, Thailand, Germany, USA and Costa Rica.  In Latin America, EMRO™ has its operational base at Earth University in Costa Rica.  With an existing strategic alliance at EARTH University professional are trained with the knowledge technology where these students can aid in spreading the technology worldwide.  

In Europe, EM™ is principally known to be used in the homes. In Asia, its use is in all previously mention field and it’s here where most of the successful examples of the use of EM technology™ occur. EMRO and its representatives in some Asian countries have municipal and governmental agreements that permits EM technology™ to be in the public domain and hence a part of the nation policies.  In Latin America, due to our countries characteristics, EM™ is more known in the agricultural and industrial sectors to solve environmental problems that affect diverse production issues.

Due to the success of EM technology™ and the creation of diverse products from EM•1 ®, EMRO has created a sister company called EM Corporation (EMCO) in 1998.  EMCO was created to sell various products including supplement and food products, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and much more. EMCO has launch in the Japanese market the first hotel and spa that has been reconstructed and manage totally with EM and its related products; these are the EM Wellness Center, EM Hotel Costa Vista Okinawa and the EM spa Corazon Okinawa.

Dr. Keita Kojima




Dr. Keita Kojima is currently the Executive Director of EMRO in Latin America. He was born on March 13, 1972 in Kanagawa, Japan. In 1995, he graduated from the University of Ibaraki as an Agronomist and in 1997, obtained his Masters of Science in Agriculture. Since then, Dr. Keita has developed his professional career at EM™ RESEARCH ORGANIZATION Inc. (EMRO), where he acquired vast experience in water treatment with the use of EM Technology™.

As a result of his brilliant work at EMRO, Dr. Keita undertook activities which required a high level of responsibility. Currently, Dr. Keita is in charge of the development of EM Technology™ for the entire Latin America region. The operational base of Dr. Kojima is at EARTH University in Costa Rica, and from this educational and research center, he works with all his partners to achieve the task of making EM™ a recognized technology in Latin America.

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Activate EM•1® before use – 1 litre gives 20 litres.

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